• Installed screen
  • Screen from the back

Bink screen

One of the main features of the Bink Software office is the large glass entrance on one the classic Dordrecht city center streets. While the view through the windows is one of the features that makes the office such a nice place to work, it also makes for a bit of a shopping window for burglars. Bink asked me to design something that would give their workers some privacy but kept their view.

In cooperation with Boy Bastiaans I designed a screen specifically for the office building and for the intended flow of visitors to the office. A panoramic image was printed onto ClearVue material. From the outside, the image is shown while from the inside the material is seethrough.

From a series of images shot for the screen, a panorama of the cellar of a water pumping station was chosen to best fit with the interior of the office and the Bink Software business. The image was edited to better suit the corporate identity of the company.

Original colors
Adapted colors


Photography of the panoramic image


Final installation of the screen