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Dreaming of Summer

Read about my projection- and panoramic photography-installation for summer festivals

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Welcome to fieldOfView.com

My name is Aldo Hoeben. I am a panorama photographer, projection artist, occasional software developer and most of all a tinkerer. On this site, I am showcasing my work.

In dutch

Eigenlijk ben ik gewoon Nederlands, en meestal werk ik in Nederland en/of voor Nederlandse klanten. Omdat ik mijn projecten aan "het web" wil laten zien, is de fieldOfView website in het engels. Maar als u vragen heeft over panorama's, of als u een afspraak wilt maken om over een project te praten, neem dan gerust contact met me op; In het nederlands, of in het engels als u dat liever doet.

About me

I am trained as an Industrial Designer at the Delft University of Technology. After graduating there I stayed on as a part-time assistant professor continuing my research on digital tools during the ideation phase of the design process, and teaching students software prototyping. I also started my own interaction/web design firm named studioPKO.

A couple of years later I decided I got much more pleasure out of the panoramic photography hobby I had added to the studioPKO portfolio, and decided to refocus my company on that. That was the start of the fieldOfView brand. After leaving the Delft University, I had a brief-but-exciting stint as an interaction designer / experience engineer at a media technology start-up, but finally the opportunity to focus fulltime on my own panoramic work won me over. This was around the same time that I managed to acquire the fieldOfView.com domain.

By then, I had released the first publicly available, cross-platform, hardware accelerated panorama-viewer, I was developing custom versions and experiences for other software developers and panorama photographers and I was doing occasional exhibitions of my panoramic photography work. With no formal training as a programmer I am very proud of what I achieved, but ultimately I got weary of the shrinkwrap software development process and started looking into other uses of my panoramic photography and knowledge of perspectives and optical tricks. Which brings us where we are now; an eclectic mix of software, hardware and projection projects and twisted photography.

About this site

The previous version of fieldOfView.com, which is still available for archival purposes, focused a bit too much on SPi-V, the panorama viewer software project I gained some fame for in the panorama photography internet scene. I've been doing a lot more versatile work which I ended up enjoying much more than just the SPi-V project.

The fieldofview.com website itself is one of my continuing projects, though I cannot take all the credit. The new site has been in planning for quite a while, but other projects kept coming inbetween. Rough edges and all, I finally put the new website online in july 2010. The site will be getting better and more interesting over time, I promise.

Contact me

My contact information is conveniently shown at the bottom of all pages, but there's a page for that too.