• Tessa Schlechtriem of Skizzie restyled the fieldOfView logo and wordmark, starting with the original bitmap logo I created 5 years before. She also designed the magazine-style website layout to my whims.
  • The open source project Drupal forms the backend for fieldofview.com. Notable contrib modules used for this site include views, cck, imagefield, imagecache, boost and the zen theme.
  • I have made my own panorama viewers in the past, but currently the most actively developed viewer is krpano. I use not only the viewer on this site, but the command-line conversion tools in the backend as well.
  • The perspectives galleries are powered by the FancyBox script, which builds on the jQuery javascript framework.

Credit due where credit's due

fieldOfView.com is basically a portfolio site; the site where I showcase what I have done in my field. I am proud that the website itself is effectively one of these projects. However, for this particular project, I can't take all the credit.

So on this page, I would like to give credit where credit is due. Thanks, I could not have made this site without you.